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Friday, January 9, 2015

Qurani Surah Benefits

Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Benefits of Surat Al-Fatihah
Surah Fatiha is called the 'Opening' is the 1st Surah (Chapter) of Quran. It is called, Umm Al-Kitab (the Mother of the Book), according to the majority of the scholars. There are seven verses in this Surah. It is said, that Surah is both Makki and Madani. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that whoever recites Surah Fatiha daily, He will get the reward for reciting (2/3) of of the whole Quran. There are countless benefits of Surah Fatiha,

Surah Fatiha is a cure of every illness. Whoever cant be cured by surah Fatihah, then there is no cure for that person. In the same narration it is written that if this surah is recited 101 times on any part of the body that is paining, the pain will surely go away. Read this Surah 41 times, if your eyes hurt. The recitor's of this Surah poverty is removed and debt will be cleared miraculously. the recitor's disease will be cured and his/her enemy will become fearful.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah will receive a hasanah(good deed) from it, and the hasanah is multiplied by ten. I do not say that Alif-Laam-Meem is a letter , rather Alif is a letter, Laam is a letter, and Meem is a letter.”

Abu Hurairah (radiAllahu anhu) reported that when Allah’s Messenger (saw) asked Ubayy ibn Ka’ab (radiAllahu anhu), ”Do you want me to teach you a Surah the like of which has not been revealed in the Torah, the Injeel, the Zabur, nor the Qur’an?”, and also asked what he recited in his prayers. He replied Umm-ul Qur’an (Surah Fatihah) the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) proclaimed, ’By Him in whose dominion my soul is, nothing like it has been revealed in the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms, or the Qur’an and it is seven of the oft-repeated verses in the Mighty Qur’an which I have been given’

Anas (radhi Allah anhu) said: “When you recite Surah Al-Fatihah and Surah Al-Ikhlas upon lying on your bed, you will be safeguarded and should become fearless of every thing except death.”

Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.  'Al-Hamdu lillahi Rabbil-'Aalamin. 'Ar-Rahmaanir-Rahiim. Maaliki Yawmid-Diin;. 'Iyyaaka na'-budu wa 'iyyaaka nasta-'iin. 'Ihdinas-Siraatal-Mustaqiim. Siraatal-laziina 'an-'amta 'alay him-Gayril-magzuubi 'alay him wa laz-zaaalliin. Aameen.
Translation: In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. [All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds - The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, Sovereign of the Day of Recompense. It is You we worship and You we ask for help. Guide us to the straight path - The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.

Benefits of Ayatul Kursi

 Ayatul Kursi is verse, 255 of Surah Al-Baqarah and most beautiful ayat of the Qur'an. Surah Baqarah is the leader of the Qur'an and Ayatul Kursi is the leader of Surah Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi there are 50 words and for each word there are 50 blessings and good in it. It was narrated that Abu Umamah said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever recites Ayat Al-Kursi immediately after each prescribed Prayer, there will be nothing standing between him and his entering Paradise except death.

The Holy prophet Muhammad (saw) said: whoever recites the first 4 ayats of Surae Baqarah, then Ayatul Kursi and then the last 3 ayats of Surah e Baqarah, will not be inflicted with any kind of difficulty in his wealth or himself, Satan will not come near him and he will not forget the Qur'an.

The Holy Prophet (saw) said: Qur'an is a great word, and Surah Baqarah is the leader of the Qur'an and Ayatul Kursi is the leader of Surae Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi there are 50 words and for each word there are 50 blessings and good in it. 

 To increase light or vision (noor) in the eyes, recite Surae Alhamd once, then Ayatul Kursi and then once the following dua:- "U-eedhu nora basaree binuril lahi alladhi la yutfaa", "I seek refuge for the light of my eyes by the light of Allah(SWT), which does not become extinguished". 

Hazrat A'isha (RA) states that a person arrived in the court of Rasulallah (SAW) and complained that there is no Barakat (Blessings) in anything in his home. Rasulallah (SAW) said, “You do not recite Ayatul Kursi, whichever Food and Curry you will recite Ayatul Kursi on, Allah will give Blessings on that Food and Curry.

One who recites Ayatul Kursi every morning will be in the protection, safety of Allah until the night.

One who recites Ayatul Kursi every night before go to sleep will be in the protection, safety of Allah until morning.
If a person write Ayatul Kursi on white paper and ties this to chidren neck, they will be safe from Shaitaan.
For those of our dear ones who have passed away, recitation of Ayatul Kursi & giving it as Hadiya to them, gives them light (noor) in the grave.
Frequent recitation makes ones own death easy.
Before leaving home, if one recites it once, the Almighty has one group of Angels to come and protect you. If recited twice, 2 groups of Angels are assigned to do this. If recited 3 times Allah tells the Angels not to worry as the Almighty himself takes care of him. 
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said: If one recites Ayatul Kursi before going to sleep, Allah will send an Angel to come and look after you and protect you till the morning. His home, family and also neighbours will remain in safety until morning.
When one is alone in the home, recitation of Ayatul Kursi and asking Allah to help will make you remain calm and you will not fear.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said: When leaving home, if one recites Ayat ul Kursi the Allah will send 70,000 Angels to do Istighfaar for him until he returns home, and upon his return Poverty will be removed from him.
One who recites it after every prayer, their salaat will be accepted, they will remain in the safety of the Almighty and He will protect them.
Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Allahu la ilaha illa Huwa, Al-Haiyul-Qaiyum La ta'khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm, lahu ma fis-samawati wa ma fil-'ard Man dhal-ladhi yashfa'u 'indahu illa bi-idhnihi Ya'lamu ma baina aidihim wa ma khalfahum, wa la yuhituna bi shai'im-min 'ilmihi illa bima sha'a Wasi'a kursiyuhus-samawati wal ard, wa la ya'uduhu hifdhuhuma Wa Huwal 'Aliyul-Adheem.
Translation: In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Allah - there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.

Benefits of Surat Al-Ikhlas

This surah is one third of the holy Qauran. This surah was revealed in Makkah and it has 4 verses. Reciting (Qul Huwa Allaahu Ahad) brings a reward equivalent to reciting one-third of the Qur’aan, but it does not take the place of reading one-third of the Qur’aan.

It is narrated that if a person does not recite this Surah in any of his five daily prayers, it is as if he has not prayed. In fact, if a person does not recite this Surah in any of his prayers for seven consecutive days, and he dies, it will be as if he died while following the religion of Abu Lahab.

Surah al-ikhlas is a means of forgiveness of sins. the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "whoever reads surat qul hu-wallaahu 'ahad every day two hundred times, allah will grant him one thousand five hundred rewards and will erase from him the sins of fifty years, unless he has debts."

The Holy prophet (S.A.W) once advised a poor person to always say 'Salaam' when entering his house even if there was nobody there and then recite Surah At Tawheed, after a little while the man became abundantly wealthy.

When a person goes to see a unjust man in authority, he should recite this Surah 3 times and close the fist and opne the fist when the interview is finished.

If this Surah is recited over the eyes of a man suffering eye sore he would be cured.

It is makruh to recite this Surah in one breath. This Surah has numerous other benefits and is a cure for many ailments. It should be recited when travelling or when facing a tyrant ruler.

Who recites Surah Al-Ikhlas 100 times, all his past sins for the past 25years are forgiven.

It is a fortress for protection against every kind of affliction and calamity.
Whoever recites this Surah 1000 times, will not die unless he sees his place in Jannah.
Who recites this surah a hundred times before go to sleep Allah would forgive his sins comitted in forty years.
If this surah is recited over the eyes of a man suffering eye-sore he would be cured.
Who does not recite this surah in any of the five salats in a day all his five salats would go waste, rendered null and void.
When the Holy Prophet prayed the funeral salat of Sad bin Maz, seventy thousand angels were praying with him including Jibrail, because Sad used to recite this surah very much, sitting, standing, walking, riding, all the time.
Who recites this surah ten times while passing by a graveyard for those believers buried therein, would earn reward equal the number of buried believers.
When a person goes to see an unjust man-in-authority, he recite this surah 3 times, close the fist and open it when the interview is finished.

Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Qul Hu-walaahu 'Ahad. 'Allahus-Samad;. Lam yalid, wa lam yuulad;. Walam yakul-la-Huu kufuwan 'ahad.
Translation: In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

Benefits of Surat An-Nas

Surah An-Nas was revealed in Madinah and it has 6 verses. Narrated by Aishah  (RD): Whenever Allah’s Messenger (saw) went to bed, he used to recite Surah AL- Ikhlas (112), Surah AL-Falkaq (113) and surah An-Nas (114), and then blow on his palms and pass them over his face and those parts of its body that his hands could reach. And when he fell ill, he used to order me to do like that for him.

Surah an-Naas and al-Falaq are together called Ma’udhatayn and whoever recites this Surah in his house every night, will be kept safe from Jinnaat and the evil designs of Shaitan.

If this Surah is put around the neck of a child as a talisman, the child will be protected from Jinnat. Reciting the Ma’udhatayn before sleeping is a means of safety and if recited on any part of the body that is paining, the pain will be relieved.

A’isha (radiAllahu anha) reported that whenever the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) became sick, he would recite Mu’awwidhat (Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas) and then blow his breath over his body. When he became seriously ill, I used to recite (these two Surahs) and rub his hands over his body hoping for its blessings.

‘Uqbah Ibn ‘Amir (radiAllahu anhu) reported that the messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said ‘No seeker of refuge can seek refuge with anything like these two’

Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Qul 'a-'uuzu bi Rabbin Naas,.  Malikin-Naas,. 'Illahin-Naas,. Min-sharril Waswaasil khan Nass,. 'Allazii yuwas-wisu fii suduurin Naasi,. Minal-Jinnati wan Naas.
Translation: In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, The Sovereign of mankind. The God of mankind, From the evil of the retreating whisperer - Who whispers [evil] into the breasts of mankind - From among the jinn and mankind."

Benefits of Surat Al-Falaq

This Surah was revealed in Madinah and it has 5 verses. It is narrated from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that whoever recites Surah Al-Falaq in the month of Ramadan in any of his prayers, it is as if he has fasted in Makkah and he will get the reward for performing Hajj and ‘Umra. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) said that in the prayer of Shafa’a (in Salaatul-layl) one should recite Surah al-Falaq in the first rak’aat and an-Naas in the second.

It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (saw) that whoever recites this Surah in the month of Ramadhan in any of his prayers, it is as if he has fasted in Makkah and he will get the reward for performing Hajj and ‘Umra.

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) said that in the prayer of Shafa’a (in Salaatul-layl) one should recite Surah al-Falaq in the first rak’aat and an-Naas in the second.

Reciting of this Surah in compulsory prayers keeps a person safe from poverty and Sustenance comes towards him. His death will not be of a sudden and terrifying nature. This Surah has excelent cure for magic effects, pain in the eyes and should be recited before blowing gently into the eyes for relief from pain. Keeping this Surah in a talisman around one’s neck acts as a protection from the ‘evil eye’. This Surah remove magic effects very quickly.

Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Qul 'a-'uuzu bi-Rabbil-Falaq,. Min-sharri maa khalaq;. Wa min-sharri gaasiqin 'izaa waqab,. Wa min-sharrin Naffaasaati fil 'uqad,. Wa min-sharri haasidin 'izaa hasad.
Translation: In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak, From the evil of that which He created, And from the evil of darkness when it settles, And from the evil of the blowers in knots, And from the evil of an envier when he envies."

Benefits of Surat Al-Kafirun

Surah Al-Kafirun is ‘makki’ and has 6 verses. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that reciting this Surah carries the reward of reciting a quarter of the Holy Qur’an. The recitation of this Surah drives away evil and keeps one safe from Shirk. 

It is also among the five Surahs that have been recommended to be recited during a journey, the others being Surah Al-Fatihah, An-Nasr, Al-Falaq and An-Naas. Reciting Surah Al-Kafirun and at-Tawhid in compulsory prayers is a means for forgiveness of sins for the reciter, his parents and his children. If a person dies after reciting this Surah, it is as if he has died a martyr. Recitation of this Surah before sleeping keeps one safe the whole night.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, ‘Recite surah al Kafirun and then go to sleep after coming to its end, for it is a clearance from shirk’ If recited on a treasure, it remains safe. If a person has many creditors, recitation of this Surah will help clear his debts. If recited by a person in fear, this Surah brings him to safety; if recited by a hungry person, it helps in his finding sustenance; if recited by a thirsty person, his thirst will be quenched.

Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Qul ya ayyuha al-kafiruna. La a'budu ma ta'buduna. Wa-la ''antum 'abiduna ma a'budu. Wa-la ''ana 'abidunm ma 'abadtum. Wa-la ''antum 'abiduna ma a'budu. Lakum dinukum wa-liya dini.
Translation: In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Say, "O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion."

Ahad Nama

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said: “The one who recite Ahad Nama regularly and seeks forgiveness from Allah. Allah will count that person among those whose Du’a is accepted.” Recitation of these verses increases sustenance and protects the life and possessions of the reciter. He is liked by people. Ahad Nama also makes a person chaste, humble and sincere. Drinking water in which this Surah has been written keeps the heart safe from ailments. "Whoever recites Ahad Naamah one in his lifetime, he will be taken away with Imaan [true faith] in his heart."And Rasulullah Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim says that he guarantees that this person will go to Jannah [Paradise].

If a person recites Ahad naamah regularly, he or she reap the following benefits: Secures Allah’s pleasure, Drives Shaytaan away, Increases one’s livelihood, Lights up the grave and Provides comfortable bedding in the grave, Helps answering with ease the questioning of Munkar and Nakir in the grave, Provides shelter on the Day of Judgment, Crowns one on the Day of Reckoning, Gets Allah’s pardon on the Day of Judgment, Increases the weight of good deeds on the scale, Helps one crossing the Bridge of “Siraat” without any difficulty,

Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Allahumma Faatiras Samaawaati Wal Ardhi Aalimalghaybi Wash shahaadati Antar Rahmaanur Raheem. Allahumma Inni Aahadu Ilayka Fihaazihil Hayaatiddunyaa Wa Ash Hadu Allaailaaha Illa Anta Wahdaka Laasharika Laka Wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Abduka Wa Rasuluka Falaa Takilni Ilaa Nafsi FaInnaka In,
Translation: In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful O Allah! The Creator of the skies and the earth The Knower of the hidden and the open Your are The Beneficent, The Merciful O Allah! I promise you in this earthly life and I bear witness that that there is no one worthy of worship except You are One & Only without any partner and I bear witness that Sayyidina Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam is Your servant and Your Messenger (O Allah!) Please do not leave me to my own self,
 Transliteration: Takilni Ilaa Nafsi Tuqarribni Ilash Sharri Watubaa Idnee Minal Khayri Wa Inni Laa Attakilo Illa Birahmatika Faj Alli Indaka Ahadan Tuwaffihi Ilaa Yawmil Qiyaamati Innaka Laa Tukhlifulmiyaad. Wa Sallallaahu Ta’alaa Alaa Khayri Khalqihi Muhammadinw Wa Aalihi Wa As-haabihi Aajmain. Birahmatika Yaa Arhamar Raahimeen. Lawlaa Izdakhalta Jannataka Qulta Maashaaa Allahu Laahawla Walaa Quwwata Illa Billah.
Translation: Because if You abandon me to my own desires I might be drawn towards evil and away from goodness and I have no support except Your Mercy So accept my promise with You to be kept till the Day of Judgement Truly, You never break a promise And may the blessings of Allah, The Exalted be on his best creation Sayyidina Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam and on his family and all companions (O Allah! Accept this prayer) With Your Mercy, O The Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

Dua Syed-ul-istighfar

Tawba must be sort and remains wajib (necessary) for every sin committed. In  the case of istigfar (seeking forgiveness), a person is making a request to Allah (SWT) to help their deeds function as a barrier towards future evil. In essence, the individual is asking Allah (SWT) for guidance away from wrongful choices. Istigfar with the words of ‘astagfirullah’ coupled with sincerity helps in this regards.  Thus, ‘astagfaar’ functions like a duaa. Thus, it can be appropriately stated: refusal to make istigfar is tantamount to arrogance. For one is acting confidant regarding the unknown future actions of themselves.

The Prophet (SAW) was asked by some of his companions: “Is Allah near so we invoke him or is he far so we call him? So Allah revealed this verse, – Allah is near He can hear the supplicant anytime anywhere and respond to him if the supplicant invokes Allah with a sincere heart and avoid interdiction's of supplication.

When a person sins and does not do Tawba, his heart darkens (polluted) as he commits more and more sins the dirt accumulates on his heart. It then becomes a vicious circle, the darkening of the heart leads to further sins, and the sins lead to further darkening of the heart. A stage is finally reached when his heart is irreversibly polluted and cannot be cleansed. Such a heart is referred to in narrations as a black heart.

“The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was reciting Istighfar hundred times a day and was praying for his Maghfirat (salvation) though he had not committed a single sin.” Hazrat Luqmān tells his son, “My dear son! Is not the cock wiser than you? It wakes up before dawn and asks forgiveness but you remain asleep!”
Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Allahumma anta Rabbi la ilaha illa Anta Khalaqtani wa ana abduka, wa ana 'ala ahdika wa wa'dika mastata'tu, A'udhu bika min Sharri ma sana'tu, abu'u Laka bini'matika 'alaiya, wa Abu'u Laka bidhanbi faghfirli fainnahu la yaghfiru adhdhunuba illa anta.
Translation: In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful (O Allah! You are my Lord! None has the right to be worshipped but You. You created me and I am Your slave, and I am faithful to my covenant and my promise as much as I can. I seek refuge with You from all the evil I have done. I acknowledge before You all the blessings You have bestowed upon me, and I confess to You all my sins. So I entreat You to forgive my sins, for nobody can forgive sins except You.)


Dua Aman is very helpful for a person who recites it daily between Maghrib and Isha Prayers.(for Safety and Protection) A person in his dream saw the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) very sad and the person ask him the reason of sadness and he said: that during Mehraj he saw many believers being led towards hell and the reason was Iman. His umma was very weak in their Iman and He recommended this Dua for protection of his umma and it will help them in the world, after death and also in the Barzak (resurrection). This Dua is recommended by the Prophet.
Transliteration: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Allahuma Farijna Bedu-khulil qabri Wakhtimlana Bil-khayri Wazafri Waghfirlana Wali-walidaina Walijamel Momenea Wal-momenate Wal-Muslemena Wal-muslemati Wasalehena Wasalehati Birehmatika Ya-arhamar Rahemeen. Wa-salalahu Taalla-ala Muhammaden Wa-ala Alahi Ajmaen.


This dua be prayed during any of the 5 obligatory prayers or its sunnahs, or is it only meant to be prayed while you have made an intention to pray 2 rakat salatul hajat.also can salatul hajat be prayed in a mosque straight after one of the 5 obligatory prayers for example, after praying 4 rakat fardh and 2 rakat  sunnah of zuhr prayer.

One who always reads this Dua after each Salah(prayer), especially after Juma’a(Friday’s Prayer), Allah almighty will save him/her from each and every thing of fear/terror/dread. And will help him/her over his/her enemies, And will make him/her rich/wealthy And will give/provide him/her Earnings(rizq) from such place what he/she can’t imagine/think of. And will simplify his/her life on him/her, And will arrange his/her loan, even if it is huge/big like a mountain, Allah Almighty will arrange it by his grace(Fazl) & generosity(karam).
Transliteration: La ilaha illa Allahu-Haleemu lkareem. Subhana Allahi rabi el-`arshil `azeem. Al-Hamdulilahi rabbi il-`Alameen. As'aluka mujibati rahmatika, wa `aza'ima maghfiratika, wal-`ismata min kuli dhanb, wal ghaneemata min kuli birr, was-salamata min kuli ithm. La tada` li dhanban illa ghafartahu, wala hamman illa farajtahu, wala hajatan hiya laka ridan illa qadaytaha ya arhama ar-rahimeen.

Translation: There is no god but Allah, the Ever-Clement, the Most Generous. I celebrate the Glory of Allah, the Lord of the Magnificent Throne. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. I beseech you, seeking that which will draw me closer to Your mercy, and that which will make certain for me Your Forgiveness. O Allah, grant me protection against any sin, and a share of every virtue. Do not leave me a sin without forgiving it, a worry without relieving me of it, or a need that meets with Your pleasure without providing for it, O Most Merciful Lord.

Friday, August 8, 2014



Imam-e-tariqat Abu Qasim qusheeri (ra) se munqool hai. Wo farmatay hain ke un ka aik bacha bemar ho gia aur us ke bemari itni skhat ho gai keh qo kareeb ul marag ho gia. Wo biyan kartay hain ke main Rasoolullah (saw) ko khwab main dykha aur ap (saw) ne farmaya keh tum ayat-e-shifa se dor kioun rehtay ho? kioun in se shifa nai mangtay? main bedaar ho gia aur is per gor karne laga tu main ne in ayat-e-shifa ko Quran Pak main in jaghon pe paya.
Transliteration: Ayyat-e-Shiffa
1- wa'yashfi sudura qumim mumineen
2- washifa'un lima fis suduri 
3- yakhruju mim butuniha sharabum mukhtalifun
Transliteration: Alwanuhu fihi shifaun lin'nas
4- wanunaz'zilu minal qurani maa huwa shifa'aou warahmatul lilmumineen
5- Waizza mariztu  fahuwa yashfeen 
6- Qull huwa lil'lazina amanu hudaou wa'shifaou 
Transliteration: Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
1- Qull lain yousibana illa maa kataballahu lana huwa mulana wa'allallahi falyatawaqalil muminoon 
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
2- Wa'ayin yamsaskallahu bizurrin fala kashifa lahu illa huwa wa'ayin yuridka bikhairin fala ra'adda lifadlihi yousibu bihi
Transliteration: Maye yashaou min ibadihi wahu wal qafoorur raheem
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
3- Wama min da'batin fil arzi illa allalahi rizquha wayalamu mustaqarraha wa' mustauda'ahah qullun fi kitabim mubeen 
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
4- Inni tawakaltu allallahi rabbi warabbikum
Transliteration: Maa min da'batin illa huwa akhizum bina siyatiha inna rabbi alla siratim mustaqeem 
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
5- Waqa'ayyim min da'batin laa tahmilu rizqaha Allahu yarzuquha wa'iyyakum wahu'was-samiul aleem
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
6- Maa yafahillahu liln'nasi mir rahmatin
Transliteration: Fala mumsika laha wama yumsik fala mursila lahu mim badihi wahuwal azeezul hakeem 
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
7- Wala'in sa'altahum man khalaqas samawati wal'arza layaqulun'nallahu qull afara'aytum maa tadouna min dunillahi in aradaniyallahu bizurrin hal hunna kashifatu
Zurrihi aou aradani birahmatin hal hunna mumsikatu rahmatihi qull hasbiyallahu allaihi yatawaqalul mutawaqilun 
Allahumma inni as'alluka min khairi maa sa'allaka 
Minhu nabiyyuka (Sayeeduna) Muhammadun sallallahu ta'alla allaihi wa'allihi wasallama wa'aouzubika min sharri mas ta'aza minhu nabiyyuka (Sayeeduna) Muhammadun sallallahu ta'alla allaihi wa'allihi wasallama antal musta'anu wa'allaikal   balagu wala hawla  wala quwata illa billahil alliyil azeem wasallamun allal-mursalina walhamdu-lillahi rabbil alameen.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Benefits of Qurani Surah

Benefits of Surah At-Teen (The Fig)

This Surah was revealed in Makkah and has 8 verses. The reward for reciting this Surah in prayers is a great palace in Jannah.

It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (SAW) that the reward given to the person who recites this Surah cannot be counted. If recited on food, it’s evil effects are removed. The one who recites this Surah is compared to the person who has visited the Holy Prophet (SAW) and had his needs fulfilled by him.

Recite this Surah on Friday and let Allah (SWT) shower his blessings till sunset and the angels will pray for the forgiveness of the reciter. Poison will not affect the person who recites on his food. If written with saffron and hung in the neck of a woman with the intention of pregnancy then with Allah (SWT)'s command, the woman would be pregnant. Recite this Surah every Friday & relieve yourself from the squeezing of the grave. To prosper in business, tie this Surah on your hand or keep it in your pocket.
 Transliteration: Waaltteeni waalzzaytooni(1)Watoori seeneena(2)Wahatha albaladi alameeni(3)Laqad khalaqna alinsana fee ahsani taqweemin(4)Thumma radadnahu asfala safileena(5)Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati falahum ajrun ghayru mamnoonin(6)Fama yukaththibuka baAAdu bialddeeni(7)Alaysa Allahu biahkami alhakimeena(8)
Translation: 95.1 By the Fig and the Olive,95.2 And the Mount of Sinai,95.3 And this City of security,-95.4 We have indeed created man in the best of moulds,95.5 Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low,-95.6 Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have a reward unfailing.95.7 Then what can, after this, contradict thee, as to the judgment (to come)?95.8 Is not God the wisest of judges?

Surah al-Qadr (The Majesty)

This is a ‘makki’ Surah with 5 ayaat. whoever recites this Surah with a loud voice, it is as if he has lifted his sword to fight in the way of Allah (swt) and whoever recites it slowly in his mind, it is as if he has been sacrificed in the way of Allah and has died a martyr.

If a person recites this Surah ten times, one thousand sins of his are forgiven. If recited in compulsory prayers, all previous sins are forgiven. It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (saw) that reciting this Surah once carries the reward of fasting for the whole month of Ramadhan. Constant recitation of this Surah, increases sustenance.

If Surah Qadr is recited 11 times before sleeping, the reciter remains safe the whole night. Recitation in front of an enemy keeps one safe from his evil designs. For the paying back of loans, one should seek forgiveness and should recite Surah Qadr as many times as possible.

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) said that for pious children, one should keep his right hand on his wife and recite this Surah 7 times before going into her. If recited seven times on the grave of a believer, his sins will be forgiven.
Transliteration: Inna anzalnahu fee laylati alqadri (1) Wama adraka ma laylatu alqadri (2) Laylatu alqadri khayrun min alfi shahrin (3) Tanazzalu almalaikatu waalrroohu feeha biithni rabbihim min kulli amrin (4) Salamun hiya hatta matlaAAi alfajri (5)
Translation: 97.1 We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power:97.2 And what will explain to thee what the night of power is?97.3 The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.97.4 Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by God's permission, on every errand:97.5 Peace!...This until the rise of morn!

Benefits of Surah al-Bayyinah (the Clear Proof)

This Surah has 8 ayaat and it is a ‘madani’ Surah. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that if people knew the benefits of reciting this Surah, they would leave their work in order to learn it.

If a person recites this Surah at night, then Allah (SWT) sends angels to protect the reciter and his faith is also secure. The angels seek forgiveness for him. The reward for reciting this Surah is equal to all those things on this Earth upon which the sun shines.Writing and drinking water of this Surah is beneficial for cure of ailments. Surah al-Bayyinah is also good for pregnant women and helps to ensure their safety and the safety of their babies. Reciting this Surah before eating food removes any ill effects of the foods.

Transliteration: Lam yakuni allatheena kafaroo min ahli alkitabi waalmushrikeena munfakkeena hatta tatiyahumu albayyinatu (1) Rasoolun mina Allahi yatloo suhufan mutahharatan (2) Feeha kutubun qayyimatun (3) Wama tafarraqa allatheena ootoo alkitaba illa min baAAdi ma jaathumu albayyinatu (4) Wama omiroo illa liyaAAbudoo Allaha mukhliseena lahu alddeena hunafaa wayuqeemoo alssalata wayutoo alzzakata wathalika deenu alqayyimati (5) Inna allatheena kafaroo min ahli alkitabi waalmushrikeena fee nari jahannama khalideena feeha olaika hum sharru albariyyati (6) Inna allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati olaika hum khayru albariyyati (7) Jazaohum AAinda rabbihim jannatu AAadnin tajree min tahtiha alanharu khalideena feeha abadan radiya Allahu AAanhum waradoo AAanhu thalika liman khashiya rabbahu (8)
Translation: 98.1 Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, were not going to depart (from their ways) until there should come to them Clear Evidence,-98.2 An apostle from God, rehearsing scriptures kept pure and holy:98.3 Wherein are laws (or decrees) right and straight.98.4 Nor did the People of the Book make schisms, until after there came to them Clear Evidence.98.5 And they have been commanded no more than this: To worship God, offering Him sincere devotion, being true (in faith); to establish regular prayer; and to practise regular charity; and that is the Religion Right and Straight 98.6 Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures.98.7 Those who have faith and do righteous deeds,- they are the best of creatures.98.8 Their reward is with God: Gardens of Eternity, beneath which rivers flow; they will dwell therein for ever; God well pleased with them, and they with Him: all this for such as fear their Lord and Cherisher.

Benefits of Surah Al-Qariah (The Calamity)

This is a ‘makki’ Surah which has 11 ayaat. The person who frequently recites this Surah will be saved from the heat of hell-fire.

If a businessman or a person in financial difficulties keeps this Surah in his possession, the doors of sustenance will be opened to him. Recitation of this Surah in prayers also increases in one’s sustenance. Water in which this Surah has been dissolved is useful in keeping away unwanted pests (eg. Insects and rodents).

Transliteration: AlqariAAatu (1) Ma alqariAAatu (2) Wama adraka ma alqariAAatu (3) Yawma yakoonu alnnasu kaalfarashi almabthoothi (4) Watakoonu aljibalu kaalAAihni almanfooshi (5) Faamma man thaqulat mawazeenuhu (6) Fahuwa fee AAeeshatin radiyatin (7) Waamma man khaffat mawazeenuhu (8) Faommuhu hawiyatun(9)Wama adraka ma hiyah (10) Narun hamiyatun (11)
Translation: 101.1 The (Day) of Noise and Clamour:101.2 What is the (Day) of Noise and Clamour?101.3 And what will explain to thee what the (Day) of Noise and Clamour is?101.4 (It is) a Day whereon men will be like moths scattered about,101.5 And the mountains will be like carded wool.101.6 Then, he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) heavy,101.7 Will be in a life of good pleasure and satisfaction.101.8 But he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) light,-101.9 Will have his home in a (bottomless) Pit.101.10 And what will explain to thee what this is?101.11 (It is) a Fire Blazing fiercely!

Surah at-Takathur (The Multiplication of Wealth)

This Surah has 8 ayaat and it was revealed in Makkah. The Holy Prophet (saw) said that whoever recites this Surah before going to sleep at night will be saved from the torments of the grave.

If this Surah is recited in faraa’idh prayers, the reciter will get the reward of a hundred martyrs. If recited in the nawafil prayers, he will get the reward of fifty martyrs.

It is especially recommended to recite Surah at-Takathur in the ‘Asr prayers and the person who does this remains under the protection of Allah until the day ends. Recitation of this Surah is a cure from headaches. Another way of reciting salaat al-Wahshat (apart from the commonly known way) is to recite Ayahul Kursi once and Surah al-Ikhlas twice after the al-Hamd of the first rak’aat and then recite Surah at-Takaathur ten times after the al-Hamd of the second rak’aat.

 Transliteration: Alhakumu alttakathuru (1) Hatta zurtumu almaqabira (2) Kalla sawfa taAAlamoona (3) Thumma kalla sawfa taAAlamoona (4) Kalla law taAAlamoona AAilma alyaqeeni (5) Latarawunna aljaheema (6) Thumma latarawunnaha AAayna alyaqeeni (7) Thumma latusalunna yawmaithin AAani alnnaAAeemi (8)
Translation: 102.1 The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things),102.2 Until ye visit the graves.102.3 But nay, ye soon shall know (the reality).102.4 Again, ye soon shall know!102.5 Nay, were ye to know with certainty of mind, (ye would beware!)102.6 Ye shall certainly see Hell-Fire!102.7 Again, ye shall see it with certainty of sight!102.8 Then, shall ye be questioned that Day about the joy (ye indulged in!).

Benefits of Surah al-Asr (The Declining Day)

There are 3 ayaat in this ‘makki’ Surah. The person who recites this Surah in his recommended prayers will have a shining face on the Day of Judgement.

The one who recites this Surah will be patient in adversity and will be counted from among the people of truth. If this Surah is written after ‘Isha prayers and kept, it will be a safety from the tyrant ruler in whose presence one is brought.
Transliteration: WaalAAasri (1) Inna alinsana lafee khusrin (2) Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati watawasaw bialhaqqi watawasaw bialssabri (3)
Translation: 103.1 By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),103.2 Verily Man is in loss,103.3 Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

Benefits of Surah Al-Humazah (The Traducer)

This Surah was revealed in Makkah and it has 9 ayaat. The Holy Prophet (S) said that the reward for reciting this Surah can be compared to ten times the number of disbelievers who were present in Makkah.

Reciting Surah al-Humazah in compulsory prayers keeps a person safe from poverty. Sustenance comes towards him. His death will not be of a sudden and terrifying nature. This Surah is also a cure for pain in the eyes and should be recited before blowing gently into the eyes for relief from pain. Keeping this Surah in a talisman around one’s neck acts as a protection from the ‘evil eye’.

Transliteration: Waylun likulli humazatin lumazatin (1) Allathee jamaAAa malan waAAaddadahu (2) Yahsabu anna malahu akhladahu (3) Kalla layunbathanna fee alhutamati (4) Wama adraka ma alhutamatu (5) Naru Allahi almooqadatu (6) Allatee tattaliAAu AAala alafidati (7) lnnaha AAalayhim musadatun (8) Fee AAamadin mumaddadatin (9)
Translation: 104.1 Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger and-backbiter,104.2 Who pileth up wealth and layeth it by,104.3 Thinking that his wealth would make him last for ever!104.4 By no means! He will be sure to be thrown into That which Breaks to Pieces,104.5 And what will explain to thee That which Breaks to Pieces?104.6 (It is) the Fire of (the Wrath of) God kindled (to a blaze),104.7 The which doth mount (Right) to the Hearts:104.8 It shall be made into a vault over them,104.9 In columns outstretched.

Benefits of  Surat Al-Fil (The Elephant)

This is a ‘makki’ Surah with 5 verses. It is narrated that whoever recites this Surah in his faraa’idh prayers, the mountains will bear witness on the Day of Judgement that he prayed and he will be taken to Jannah on the command of Allah (SWT)

The person who recites this Surah is kept safe from his enemies and has his difficulties and problems solved quickly. Recitation of this Surah is also helpful in remaining safe from evil tyrant rulers. Whoso does not recite this surah in any of the five salats in a day all his five salats would go waste, rendered null and void. Whoso recites this surah in his obligatory salats Allah grants him good in this world as well as in the next life and forgives him,his parents and his children.

Transliteration: Alam tara kayfa faAAala rabbuka biashabi alfeeli (1) Alam yajAAal kaydahum fee tadleelin (2) Waarsala AAalayhim tayran ababeela (3) Tarmeehim bihijaratin min sijjeelin (5) FajaAAalahum kaAAasfin makoolin

Translation: 105.1 Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the Companions of the Elephant?105.2 Did He not make their treacherous plan go astray?105.3 And He sent against them Flights of Birds,105.4 Striking them with stones of baked clay.105.5 Then did He make them like an empty field of stalks and straw, (of which the corn) has been eaten up.

Benefits of Surat Quraysh (Quraysh)

This Surah has 4 ayaat and it was revealed in Makkah. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that the one who recites this Surah will get the reward of ten times the number of people performing Tawaaf and I’tekaaf.

The recitation of Surah al-Feel and al-Quraysh in the compulsory prayers carries great reward. If this Surah is recited on food, its ill effects are removed. Those with heart conditions should recite this Surah and then gently blow into some drinking water and drink it. If a poor person recites this Surah before sunrise, Allah (S.w.T.) will make it easy for him to get his sustenance.

Transliteration: Lieelafi qurayshin (1) Eelafihim rihlata alshshitai waalssayfi (2) FalyaAAbudoo rabba hatha albayti (3) Allathee atAAamahum min jooAAin waamanahum min khawfin (4)
Translation: 106.1 For the covenants (of security and safeguard enjoyed) by the Quraish, 106.2 Their covenants (covering) journeys by winter and summer,-106.3 Let them adore the Lord of this House,106.4 Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear (of danger).

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